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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my G.P ?

No - you can make an appointment without seeing your G.P first. Communication directly with your G.P. is always carried out if it is felt that such involvement would augment your recovery. If you are covering your physiotherapy treatment with an insurer then most companies like you to have seen the G.P. first before they will authorise treatment.

What problems will be helped by physiotherapy?

  • Spinal problems - from prolapsed discs to degenerative pain with local and referred limb pain.
  • Joint problems - from arthritis or injury
  • Soft tissue and sports injuries - from problems with tendons and ligaments to muscle strains and tears
  • After surgery and following fractures - treatment and graduated exercise programmes for all stages of healing
  • General rehabilitation - for people needing treatment, advice and exercise guidance to reach maximum physical potential at any age

Do I need to wear anything specific for treatment?

You will need to remove some clothing for adequate assessment and treatment. If you would feel more comfortable wearing shorts for a lower limb problem, please do so.

How many treatments will I need ?

There is no set number of treatments. I will discuss the likely and approximate number of treatments with you at your first session. The average number of treatment sessions are 4-5.